New works on the interior or stepping into the designer’s shoes

As the design industry never sleeps and dictates its own rules of what is right and wrong about our interiors, we are going to help the readers by sharing some fresh designer’s ideas. Today the monotone colors are becoming more and more popular, so the first thing you’d need to consider is to make sure your furniture items and design elements are of the same color. Continue reading


The discussion about the utility of mosquito nets

When we say mosquito nets, we often imagine ourselves wrapping and rolling up a piece of itchy plastic that never folds in the way you like it. Others may not imagine anything in response, leaning towards the simplicity of the thought process, intentionally mishearing the nets for next, and making it sound like: “yeah mosquitos, what’s next?”, effectively avoiding the otherwise inevitable necessity of actually stopping and comprehending of what the mosquitos nets actually are, especially when being asked as if they have been suddenly awaken solely for this very purpose of making think of them. Continue reading

decorative windows for home

The decorative windows for home

Did you know that in the most modern homes windows play purely a decorative role, as opposed to what has been in the past? Indeed, although anyone can actually live in the house without windows everyone wants to have them installed. Continue reading


Futuristic wood virtual interior

Today we are going to share of our design ideas for a futuristic home room that relies on wood as the largest part of its interior. The first thing to do in order to achieve this wooden design is to place some good, laminated wooden parquet. As we will move the things in our interior from here and there, the flooring has to be done first. Continue reading

outdoor-blinds-5 (1)

4 Your Living: Outside Blind Reviews

Your Living is a very popular and elite producer of blinds in both the inside and outside variations. As we have already discussed the indoor blinds in our previous publication, today we shall speak about their outside counterparts. Take note that for an untrained eye both types of blinds may look the same; however, an old dog carpenter will make a solid distinction between them. And so, let’s hear some of their reviews, related particularly to the outside blinds. Read on to find out what the people’s opinions are! Continue reading