Every small business needs a website. Your website should work as one of your most powerful marketing tools. It should be working around the clock to build your brand, get you more leads, and increase your total number of customers and, of course, sales. So, what makes a successful small business website? While there are many different components that a small business website should incorporate, it can be overwhelming to jump into everything at once. Here are just four aspects of your website you should work on — doing so will give you positive results right away!

1. Be mobile friendly

In this fast paced, modern age, the majority of customers search the internet for products and services on their mobile phones. It’s important that your website is responsive and looks good when viewed on many different types of mobile devices, not just a desktop. You should therefore carry out lots of tests to make sure every page of your website works on various phones and tablets. Imagine you’re a customer who’s using your website for the first time: does it provide a pleasant, fulfilling experience? If you need a fresh pair of eyes, get the opinions of someone who’s never looked at the site before. Lastly, be sure not to enable popups, which generally aren’t supported on phones and just end up being frustrating and off-putting for mobile users.

2. Capture new leads

Most obviously, the main purpose of your website is to sell your wonderful products or services. Its other very important purpose? To capture you plenty of inbound leads! The more leads your website gives you, the more customers you’ll have, and the more sales you make as a result. There are a number of methods you can use to encourage customers to leave you their details and/or eventually buy from you. It’s largely about appearing like the trustworthy brand you are and offering something of true value to your target customers. One effective method is by having downloadable e-books or guides clearly available on your website. Fill them with useful information and your industry expertise in order to answer the readers most pressing questions. Customers will be eager to download them giving you the leads you need.

3. Perfect your website

It’s so, so important your website looks the part. If in doubt, always err on the side of simplicity. Cluttered, complicated, or ugly designs are unappealing to customers. If they don’t like the look of your website, or find it hard to use, they’ll click off without a second thought to look at some of your competitors instead. Make your website as easy to use as possible. You can even hire a web design firm to save you time and stress by taking care of it all for you. If you’re looking for help with your business website in the Toronto area, check out ThinkBound, Toronto web design and development. Outshine your competitors! Of course, you want your website looking great and ready to go as soon as possible. You can help your web designer work quickly and efficiently by communicating your needs clearly at the very beginning of the process.

4. Build trust with your customers

More and more customers are opting to buy from personable brands over faceless corporations. To that end, it’s important you get a little personal on your website and let your customers get a sense of who you are. Turn your about page into an interesting, relatable story about how you came to be doing what you’re doing — a nice, professional photo of yourself and your team is crucial here! If a customer feels like they know and can trust you, they’re definitely more likely to buy from you. And since you’ve established that personal connection with them, they’ll likely become a repeat customer, too.

In conclusion, your website is vital to the overall success of your small business. It should be designed to be mobile responsive and be super easy to use for customers. You should focus on generating leads via your website with interesting opt-in offers which offer real value to customers. Lastly, don’t be scared of adding a personal touch. You’ll find you attract more customers that way!