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Deer Creek is the reason for Nevada City’s being. It was the location of the first gold discovery in the region, and subsequently the town, originally named Deer Creek Dry Diggins, sprang up on its banks. Over time Nevada City, as it came to be known, grew along and around Deer Creek. The creek provided a water source, a transportation corridor, and a sense of place for the community and is still, to this day, a very important regional resource.

Recently the Deer Creek Tribute Trail has opened, providing opportunities for users to learn about Deer Creek’s unique geology, biology and history. However, additional layers of Deer Creek’s history, culture and environment have yet to be celebrated. ART OnSite/Tribute Trail’s vision is to uncover these layers through an environmental art project…a collection of sensitively conceived and creatively executed interpretations.

The mission of ART OnSite is to strengthen the ties between the community, the environment and the arts through outdoor art installations along the Nevada City’s Deer Creek Tribute Trail. A collaborative effort between Nevada City, Nevada County, Nevada County Arts and The Sierra Fund, the ART OnSite project has coordinated the selection of 8 professional artists and the installation of their artworks for public viewing along the trail in the Fall of 2013. Artists were selected based on proposals that best interpret the culture, history and ecology of the Deer Creek watershed.

In July 2012, ART OnSite was named among 80 projects nationwide to receive a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Our Town Initiative. Our Town projects were selected for their ability to improve quality of life, encourage creative activity, create community identity and a sense of place, and help revitalize local economies. The Our Town Initiative Grant is a two-year, $25,000 matching grant. ART On Site is currently seeking matching funds to underwrite artist stipends and promotional and educational materials associated with the selected artworks.

All donations to ART OnSite through The Sierra Fund are tax deductible by law.

About the Deer Creek Tribute Trail

Completed in 2011, the Deer Creek Tribute Trail is a 9-mile cultural and ecological multi-use trail located in Nevada City, CA. Construction of the trail was a collaborative effort between Nevada City, Nevada County, The Sierra Fund and 15 other regional environmental, educational and historic organizations.

Trail Tips & Etiquette

1. Carpool to the Trailhead: The few pullouts on the trail can fill up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays. Please do not park in private driveways or obstruct traffic.

2.  Bathrooms and water: There are no bathrooms or sources of drinking water on the trail so bring your own water.

3. Stay on Designated Trails: Shortcuts can lead to increased erosion and also destroy vegetation.

4.  Clean Up After Yourself—and Your Dog: Nobody wants to step in dog poop on the trail and it can be unhealthy for wildlife and degrade water sources.  There are no trash cans on the trail. Gather garbage you find along the trail or bring with you, then dispose of it properly when you return from the hike.

5. Respect Wildlife: It is not uncommon for hikers to come across deer, goats, birds, squirrels and other wildlife while out on the trail. For your safety and theirs, do not approach them, admire from a distance.