Smart Lock System

The traditional lock has been the undisputed security tool for centuries until the recent invention of the smart lock systems. However, these are quite expensive, but fitting for any modern, technological company. You may consider adding these into business and security arsenal if its advantages are worth it.

Compatible With Smartphones

Now, with a smartphone application, you can lock or unlock your doors and storage. All you need to do is link your smartphone with a deadbolt through Bluetooth and then tap it to open or close. It is quite a flexible function in which you always have a key on your phone. Also, you do not have to worry about losing physical keys.

Give e-Keys to Others

Instead of having to make multiple physical keys, you can now give your trusted ones the e-keys for opening doors and storages. That way, you do not have to spend on replicating keys nor do you have to be physically present for other people. Now, your trusted fellows have one, and there is a lower likelihood that it will be stolen since it is on their smartphones.

Biometric Scanning

Another option besides smartphones is the biometric scanning, which uses fingerprints, eye scans, or other parts of the body as a reference. With this, the likelihood of unexpected theft is close to zero, since you have to be the one to unlock your storage. And the same case applies to your trusted employees since only a chosen few have the capabilities to access. Unless in a worst-case scenario in which someone uses physical violence to open your safe.

Requires Phone Battery

If the link is between the safe and your smartphone and it is out of battery, then consider yourself locked out. Of course, the chances of this occurring is quite low, however, in an emergency situation, not being able to open your safe can be problematic. For doors, this is even a worse problem, since chargers and electrical outlets are often indoors.

Possible Tampering

If you forget to update your smart lock regularly, then it is possible for IT experts to tamper with it. Furthermore, they may produce unauthorized access codes with their smartphones. Although chances of this coming true are low, it is not a difficult task for electronics experts. Now, you have to purchase new software updates which alter encryption and retain the security of a smart lock. If not updated, then it is only as secure as a traditional lock.

Blackouts Are Lockouts

If there is a blackout while your doors’ and storage’s locks are turned on, then consider yourself locked out. Unless it has a program that unlocks itself when there is no electricity, then you are screwed. Sometimes, blackouts occur in the device’s control unit itself or faults occur in the recognition device. All of these factors should be kept in mind when using smart locks, so opt for the top-quality locks available to you. So check our storage units at, to avoid missing out on the best that you can purchase.


The smart lock is the modern successor of the conventional lock, coming with its advantages and disadvantages. If you think that you will benefit from it and tolerate its downsides, then it may be for you. When purchasing a smart lock, opt for the best available to avoid issues of being locked out.