When popular Instagram automation service Instagress hit the dust, many users thought it was the end of automation only to realize that the trend had just caught on, and as we speak, you can automate nearly anything on Instagram.

One of the most popular features to automate is your followers. You can double the number of followers in just a short time, thanks to a good bot.

There are some benefits when you not only get the right number of followers but get the right mix. With the right number, you can command an authority in your niche that will make you more visible than your competitor. Remember that human beings analyze your profile before they take any action, whether it is to follow you or to like your posts.

There are so many services that offer followers for your account, but not all of them will take you to glory, some will not give you the results that you need. At times the bot might be to blame, and you need to be angry because you lose money. At other times, you might be the one to blame, and when this happens; you need to follow these tips to give you leeway.

Understand Your Service

Remember that the service you choose gives you total control over the process of getting more followers to your account. One of the ways to make sure it works for you is to learn how it works.

Most of the providers make sure they have a “how it works” section on the website that directs you on the best way to use the bot. Take time to review the service before you set it in motion.

If you don’t have time to read the guide, you can come up with a new account and get the trial package offered by the provider so that you know what you are getting into before you set the tool in full gear.

Know What You Want

The needs of your account are totally different from what your competitor needs, so don’t ape what he is doing. Instead, you need to understand how far you have gone with automating the account then come up with a way to find the perfect limit. Remember that if you go beyond a certain limit in terms of followers, you are looking at a ban from the platform.

What you need to do is to analyze your Instagram account and know how many users you need per day and implement in the service.

The good thing is that the service gives you an easy to access and use dashboard. This dashboard helps you manage more than one account from the same place without switching tabs. Imagine having 3 Instagram accounts on complete autopilot!

The Target

If you are using a bot, you need to target the right kind of people so that you enjoy the results. What you need to do in such a case is to make sure you target the right niche. Don’t go for followers in a fashion niche when all you need is from an auto niche. Yes, you will find the followers, but at the end of the day, they will be the most inactive bunch you can ever lay your eyes on.

So, with the right Instagram tools followers will flock to your profile until they exceed your expectations.

The Bottom-line

You can use automated services to get genuine, organic followers to your account, but you also need to know how to use the service the right way; otherwise, you stand to lose the few followers you have.