After looking through several gaming monitors, a lot of them are similar to one another. Some have additional features to separate themselves, but they all are similar in a lot of ways. The BenQ ZOWIE model falls under this description perfectly.

Terrific Response Time

Starting off, the ZOWIE has a familiar resolution and screen size of 1920 x 1080 and 24 inches, respectively. What truly starts to make this monitor different than the rest (not all) is its ultra-fast response time of 1ms. Now, it should be noted, this isn’t the only gaming monitor in the world that has this fast of a response time but several others don’t. The reason why this is such an important factor is because lag never has to be worried about. For hardcore gaming fans, lag can be as detrimental as anything in the world. To have every single motion outputted in real-time with no fear of lag is an irreplaceable feature.

Several Settings

Different genres of games require different types of displays. One wouldn’t think so right away, but each genre (in general) has a different atmosphere. This makes it important to have multiple pre-set modes with different quality settings. The great news is the ZOWIE monitor comes programmed with specific modes. For example, a mode that accommodates the atmosphere and tone of first-person shooting video games.

Visual Features

A staple of a great gaming monitor is the inclusion of ZeroFlicker technology. This technology protects the eye from the overexposure of flickering sprites (by reducing them). In addition, the ZOWIE was also designed to reduce the overall light reflection present on the screen. However, one feature that can sometimes do more bad than good is the Black eQualizer. It’s designed to increase the visibility in dark areas, but oftentimes the black colors end up appearing gray.

The Speakers Are Below-Average

A little advice, don’t buy this gaming monitor for the audio quality. If the bass is treasured even in the slightest, then these speakers will ultimately disappoint. When playing a game and listening to the audio through the monitor, there is no bass whatsoever. It’s a simple fix, though, just purchase additional speakers.

Overall, the BenQ ZOWIE gaming monitor is a very strong model. There are some noteworthy issues (gray areas and awful speakers), but the good definitely outweighs the poor. For an additional choice, as too many options are never a bad thing, check out the Acer R240HY.