If the thought of tough mudders, marathons and mountain climbing makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry, relax – you wouldn’t be alone. There are other ways to get into shape, and they don’t have to be anywhere near as intimidating. In fact, people who set out to conquer mountains and those who sign up for tough mudders are often more interested in proving something to themselves than actually getting into shape. Instead of thinking ‘I’d like to take better care of my health’, they think ‘I am going to do whatever it takes to get myself up to the top of that mountain and if I have to get fit in the process, then so be it’.

It may please you to learn that there are quite a few tricks you can get in on which make exercise feel little different from simply going about your day to day activities. And that’s the way it should be, really – back in ancient times, the first humans didn’t stand around lifting heavy rocks up and down for the pleasure of it, nor did they run around in circles until they were tired out, thinking it might be a good idea. They just got on with daily life, foraging and hunting, building and repairing their shelters, cooking, raising their young and sleeping. They stayed perfectly fit and healthy without having to invent gyms or tough mudders.

Life for many people is much more sedentary than it was back then, though. We are rarely on our feet. We sit down for breakfast, sit down in our cars, sit at our desks all day, go home and sit down for the evening before we lie down and sleep. What we need to do is get on our feet a bit more. Walking isn’t all that difficult. Choose some training equipment from Indoor Ellipticals and use it while you’re at your desk (you might have to raise your computer to a higher level, of course). Or instead of watching TV while slobbing out on the sofa, watch it from your treadmill or exercise bike. You’ll barely notice you’re doing physical exercise if the show or movie is gripping enough. If what you are watching is boring, then ask yourself why you are watching it in the first place. Turn it off and pick up a book, call someone on the phone or run around to your friend’s house for a game of squash.

That leads us onto another way of making working out seem like a total breeze. Doing a sport or adding competition to an activity focuses your brain away from the physical exertion and helps you push yourself further. Go and play a full match of tennis and you’ll feel exhilarated. You’ll only notice how much you pushed your body the following day.

If you’re not interested in sport, you may have another hobby which forces you to do exercise. You may be a photographer who has to hike up hills and mountains to get some great panoramic shots. You might be a hunter, carrying around a heavy rifle, ammo and supplies for hours over rough terrain. Perhaps you are a traveler or a backpacker and you find yourself having to walk for a couple of days to reach the next village. You can incorporate exercise into your life in so many different ways and not even really have to pay too much attention to it.

Even for the those who seem to be sitting at home all the time – the freelance graphic designer, for example, may well live, sleep and work from his or her own bed. But there’s hope even for these people. Stop getting your groceries delivered from your online order. Take a wash, get your shoes on and walk to the market to do your shopping. Buy as much as you can hold and then walk all the way home with it. If you have to make two or three journeys, then so be it.

So, as you see, there’s no big secret to turning a work out into a doddle. From now on you’ll probably spot plenty of opportunities to get some exercise in. Take advantage of just half of them and you’ll be laughing.