Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift for Each Individual

Corporate gifts serve different roles in the company. You can offer them to your employees (both current and retiring), existing and prospective customers and even suppliers. If you know how to use these corporate gifts the right way, you not only enjoy loyalty from the customers and employees, but you also make your suppliers happy.

When handing out the gifts to the recipient, you need to show them that you value their contribution in one way or another in the business. This will tell them that you care and that you still need them around. Everyone that receives a gift from you will feel that they are part of your company and will continue playing their role with the perfect attitude.

So, should you give each recipient the same kind of corporate gift? No! Each recipient needs to get a gift that is custom-made for their needs. Let us look at the top tips to get the perfect gift from suppliers of the corporate gifts in Singapore for different groups.


You are looking for a gift that tells him you appreciate his business and you want him to come back. What you can do is to research on what can be useful in an area and come up with the perfect gift. If the area experiences rainy weather all the time, you can design and order corporate umbrellas that they will use when they are out.

However, you need to make sure that the umbrella also helps you achieve your objectives of advertising your products or services. Hint: The item shouldn’t be a nuisance to the customer or they will run away from your business.

One of the ways to get clients is to go to events that they attend. You can attend the annual agricultural show or trade fair. At these events, you need to have enough gifts to hand out. You can do this in form of a competition whereby you give the winner a gift complete with a logo and the theme colors of your company. You can also reward anyone that buys an item from your stall.


This is an important group of people in your business. Without their services, you might not have the items to sell. One of the ways to show your appreciation is to give them a custom corporate gift. This can be a key holder with your logo emblazoned on it or something else. The supplier will know that you value his services and will also try to make things good for you.


Employees come in different categories. There are those that are new to the business, some that are current and those that have retired. For new employees, you can give them a gift to convince them that they have become a valued member of the business. Choose something they can use in their daily tasks such as stationery or a mouse pad.

You can also give an employee that you have just promoted. Choose a gift that is ideal for the new position. You can present the gift in a mini-ceremony so that you can motivate the others to work harder.

Giving a gift to a retiree reminds him of the times he spent in the company. It is a way to thank him for his great service to the company. You need to make the presentation in a formal occasion where everyone can go ahead and congratulate him on having attained the retirement age.