back to school

Let’s face it, going off to school can be a tough time for a girl. It doesn’t matter if you are going to boarding school or off to college. Girls have so many accessories and personal hygiene products that it can be hard to pack everything in a single suitcase. If you are trying to get ready for school but don’t have a clue what to bring, here are a few helpful hints.

A Versatile Wardrobe

You probably aren’t going to have space to bring every piece of clothing that you own. You probably won’t even have the space to pack everything you want, especially if you are expected to share a closet. Instead of trying to shove as many things as you can into a suitcase, try carefully choosing items that can be worn to multiple events. Pack a comfortable sweater, a few nice blouses, some favorite t-shirts, and jeans. Bringing clothes that you can easily mix and match helps save space and keeps you looking trendy.


Perfect Hair is Important

Having clean, well-maintained hair doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel good. Before you go off to school, take a trip to a beautician and get a simple-to-maintain haircut. Simple haircuts that you can simply brush and blow-dry save a lot of time and make it possible to look your best even if you’ve been up all night studying.

Bringing a high-quality hair dryer with you can make an enormous difference. You don’t want to have to buy the first one you see, and you don’t want to have soaking wet hair on the first day of class. Take the time to read in-depth reviews on different hairdryers and the time-saving features they have. Advanced hair dryers with multiple settings can make it easy to style your hair in a hurry. If you aren’t sure where to start your blow dryer search, try exploring Oomphed!


Hard Plastic Makeup Cases Keep You Organized

Most students take a soft bag full of makeup with them in their purse. For some girls, this means leaving some favorites at home. Investing in a hard-plastic case with a mirror gives you more space to organize your things. Many new students choose the largest case they can find, as these are big enough to house all of their toiletries, personal hygiene products, hair accessories, and make up in one place. The only downside is that these are way too big to take to class!


Large Backpack Makes It Easier

It’s obvious that you are going to have to take books to and from class, but don’t try to carry them. This could leave to you forgetting things or accidentally dropping them along the way. Instead, invest in a larger backpack that easily holds all of your school supplies with a little bit of space left over. Advanced students will likely need to carry a laptop or tablet with them, and others may need to carry training tools. If you feel the backpack will be too heavy, opt for a cute design with wheels.


Blanket and Bed Linens Keep You Cozy

If you are staying in a dorm, you should take the time to pick out some new bed things that suit your personality. If you are worried about whether or not your fashion sense will be appreciated by others, don’t worry. Many students forget their linens and wind up getting the cheapest thing they can find at the store. Shopping in advance shows that you appreciate nice things, even if they aren’t the trendiest available.

Coordinating all of your things to match a central theme is a great idea. For example, if your bed set is pink, try purchasing all pink towels and washcloths to match. This helps everyone in the dorm remember which things are yours without writing your name on everything. You’ll be able to highlight your strong fashion sense in a functional way.  Packing for school can be hard, but going in with a strategy can make it a lot easier. Focus on the essentials and downsize if possible. This will help you stay looking fabulous without bringing a lot of clutter into your new dorm.