Today we are going to share of our design ideas for a futuristic home room that relies on wood as the largest part of its interior. The first thing to do in order to achieve this wooden design is to place some good, laminated wooden parquet. As we will move the things in our interior from here and there, the flooring has to be done first.

awesome-interior-design-with-wood-wall-sharp-small-bedroom-laminate-flooring-glass-door-chair-elegant-designThe floor doesn’t necessarily has to look superior or somewhat out of the box. A simple cheap wooden tile will do just perfectly as long as it gets properly laminated. Once laminated, its colors will never fade, unless you’ve scratched them, but since our interior is wooden, scratching it would be quite unlikely.

The next step is to take care about walls. Here you have two options: the sidings and wallpapers. Although many designers prefer the typical wallpapers that give the room a feeling of vastness and spaciousness, here it is better to stick with the actual wooden sidings, since we’d want to achieve the exact opposite effect, making the room look enclosed and futuristic in every aspect.

Futuristic-Apartment-space-decorating-ideas-designs-home-interior-pictures-decoration-small-room-decor-remodeling-Interior-DesignThe sidings could be made from plywood, but the vinyl options are much cheaper and are also safer when it comes to fire vulnerability. You could use either of them but I would usually stick with vinyl. As you made your floor and the walls look “woody”, you could now move on to the other parts. Since I prefer to complete the whole box of the interior before moving on, I’ll tell you what a ceiling should look like.

Thinking that the ceiling should also be wooden would be a mistake. The ceiling must be made of mirror so it can reflect the room in a special way.

wood_conservatory_elegant_georgian_02You could use textured mirror or the plain one, though the latter may be a bit more difficult to keep clean. In the middle of the room you will hang the lampshade. Transparent lampshade will do perfectly for our purpose.

Having dealt with the above, the rest are quite easy. Get yourself some wooden furniture of both light and brown colors and make sure the corners aren’t too square or pointed. Finally, pay some special attention to the blinds. Since we don’t want to overcomplicate the design, the best option is to use the outside blinds. Both, the glass and metal variations will suffice.