Although it may have simply not been done in years gone by, more and more modern couples that are planning a wedding will create a gift list.

The couple’s guests can use this list so they have a good idea of what they would need or truly appreciate as they start their new lives together.

However, if you are marrying for the first time, you may not know exactly how to put together a gift list that will be useful to your guests. You may also wish to assure your loved ones that you sincerely trying to help and not presuming upon their generosity.

A well-planned gift list will also help you acquire items you need both immediately and in the long term in order to establish the type of home and life you and your soon-to-be spouse wish to create.

After years of marriage, it can be a real joy to look around at even the most mundane objects in your home and recognise how much your loved ones had a role in it,

While there is of course no one right way to prepare a gift list, there are a fewer pointers engaged couples can keep in mind.

Variety is a good thing 

If a guest is referred to a wedding gift list that has only expensive items on it that are also hard to find, it is more likely that the guest could think that the couple is being presumptuous or expecting a gift of a certain value.

This is not generally the message you would want to convey to your friends and relatives, especially if they have a limited income and can only realistically spend so much.

A good solution to this difficulty is to make certain that your gift list has plenty of options on it. The different options should include gifts you know you will appreciate but which have a range of prices.

Variety in one’s gift list also can help when a guest is having a hard time finding a particular item, as it gives them other options that might be more convenient for them.

Think practical 

You may be very tempted to put luxury items and other things that they have just always wanted on their list, even if those items are for leisure and don’t have much to do with furnishing one’s new home.

While your friends will probably get that new gaming system or latest smartphone for you , at least if they’re wealthy enough, you might create the impression that the gift list is really about acquiring more stuff and less about entering in to a new stage of one’s life with another person.

Furthermore, a lot of those fun items you might want to buy now are going to be obsolete or just old in a few short years.

It might be better to think on the practical side and ask for those things that are customary wedding gifts. Such gifts are often important for establishing a home and can stay with a couple for years or even decades.

For instance, you may never get another chance to buy a set of fine China or silverware, which even today can come in quite handy for special occasions.

Another thing you should consider adding to your gift list is linens, like tablecloths, napkins and other assortments for entertaining friends and family for dinner or an afternoon tea.

If you want to offer guests additional options on where to get quality linen, many businesses offer wholesale tablecloths for weddings and other occasions, and these can be re-purposed for your personal home. These same businesses may, for an affordable price, also be able to custom-make a tablecloth.

Consider offering the option of giving money

It may not have to be written down on the gift list, but along with giving guests different gift options, making it clear that you also appreciate monetary gifts gives guests some additional flexibility.

Some guests may simply not have the time to go out and buy a gift, and others might like the freedom of being able to choose the amount they wish to spend.

While there are some that frown upon giving money to a wedding couple, it is nice when one is providing a gift list to at least offer it as an additional option, if only as a courtesy to one’s guests.


Your gift list can be very helpful to your guests, and, when prepared properly, can be even be much appreciated since it will save them time and give them peace of mind that you and your new spouse will appreciate what they purchase for your wedding.