With all the options that are currently available in the market, it can be particularly hard for one to pick a mattress that suits your sleeping style. There is so much you have to consider and the growing amount of types of mattresses does not make the choice any easier for you. Regardless, having the right mattress not only means that you have better sleep and rest, but it also means that you have improved quality of life. To help you get past all the hype and pick something that is really meant for you, here is a step by step guide on how to pick the right mattress for you which is a must read.

When do you need a new mattress?Rufino-Pillow-Top-Full1-700x300

The first and most important thing is identifying when it is actually the time for you to get a new mattress. There are a number of factors that come into play one of them being you could have lost your old one somehow. That aside, if you constantly wake up feeling tired and ever part of your body feels achy, tend to sleep better at hotels than in your home or you have a mattress that is more than five years old, it is a good time for you to get a new one.

Choose a size

The first thing and perhaps the easiest that you have to pick is the size. Unless you are also changing your bed, the size of the mattress is usually dictated by the size of your bed. However, if you are going to have a bed as well, you have to consider your nature of sleep but the more the space the better especially if the bed is shared.

The type of mattressSlumber_Sleep_Luxury_Pocket_1000_Mattress_LRG

This is where everything starts to get fuzzy and the process starts to look impossible. There is a growing number of types of mattresses and each of them has its own benefits to offer. However, to make the best choice in this case, there are a number of things that you have to know. The first is that each of the mattresses are designed to support certain sleeping styles and the other is that your age and physical condition might also dictate what kind of mattress would work best for you.

  • Tempur-pedic: this is actually a brand name that is used to refer to mattresses that are made out of memory foam or any other type of foam that usually molds around your body when you lie on it. They offer even support and apply equal pressure to all parts of the body. However, as the night progresses, they tend to get warmer hence might not be ideal if you prefer a cooler sleeping surface.
  • Firm: these are not necessarily types of mattresses but rather a value of how hard the mattress is. They might not be the best for those that have advanced in their years and have joint problems as they exert immense pressure to the body. They are however a great option for those that are looking for a cooler bed.
  • Soft or plush: Usually, manufacturers will throw in pillows and cushions to make the mattresses softer. They are ideal for the older generations and those that are suffering from joint aches and conditions like arthritis since they are gentle on the body.

Consider your sleeping stylexcat_mattress_700x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.L1S0F8RHoj

After looking at the different types of mattresses that are available in the market, it is time to get the hard work done. The most important thing is to get a mattress that supports your sleeping style. This way, you are assured that you will be able to get the best results and better sleep at night. If you do not know about how you sleep, it might help to ask your parents or even your spouse.

  • Side sleepers: this is the most common sleeping style. A great mattress for side sleepers is one that does not exert too much pressure on the shoulders and hips. Instead, side sleepers should opt for a mattress that relives pressure from these points. A softer mattress would be a great pick in this case.
  • Back sleepers: for these kinds of sleepers, support for the lower back is the most essential aspect. It is important if you are a back sleeper to avoid stiff spring mattresses since they push against the spine and you should also avoid mattresses that are too soft since they do not offer sufficient support. A medium firm mattress is a good choice in this case.
  • Stomach sleepers: even though this is thought of as an unorthodox style of sleeping, it does well for those that are suffering from back pains since it takes the pressure off the spine. A firm mattress would be the best choice in this case simply because you need to keep your body afloat. A soft mattress would make it harder for you to breathe.
  • Combination: a good number of people fall into this category as they tend to sleep in one position and then change overnight depending on what they feel is comfortable at the time. It might be hard to pick the perfect mattress in such a case but this does not mean you should not try. A mattress that does not hurt your shoulders, is not too soft to make it hard for you to sleep on your stomach and not too hard on your back would be an ideal fit. Generally, combination sleepers have always found the best success with the innerspring pocket coil mattresses and you might find it helpful for you too.

Try it before you buy itxcat-sleep-tp-2015.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HaKCmEt-bf

Mattresses are not cheap. Even worse is that once you make the purchase, you are going to have to deal with that mattress for the next eight or so years. Because of this, it is important to make sure that you have a feel of the mattress before you take it home. Lie on it using your preferred sleeping style to see how it feels. This way you are satisfied that you would be making the right choice before you pay for it. Alternatively you can read my¬†Lucid memory foam mattress review here, although no size fits all I’m very satisfied¬†with mine.

It would always help to do a bit of window shopping first and perhaps some research into what mattress would do well for you. However, if you find yourself short on time, this guide can help you get the same quality results without having to dedicate too much time into finding the right mattress.