A tree house is many kids’ dream. It is a place where they can spend a lot of their time roleplaying and pretending that they are in some kind of an adventure, straight out of that storybook you read to them every night. This is a really good thing, as it is important for kids to expand their interests while they are still young. In addition to reading, playing video games, board games, and watching television, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors via a tree house is one experience that they will very likely treasure for a long time.

Building a tree house is not a joke though. It will require a lot of time and money. It will test your patience and demand so much physical work. Therefore, before jumping into it, find out what exactly you need to do so that you can prepare yourself.


Before anything else, if you do not know the basics of carpentry, you should read up and learn everything about it. Determine why one type of wood is better than the other, or when using screws is more suitable than nails. Figure out how to use and operate power tools. Read as much as you can on this matter so that you can make better decisions for your tree house project.

Find the right tree.

Your property may have several trees to choose from, but probably only of them is best suited for a tree house. Therefore, you need to do an assessment, and go for the one that is the largest and sturdiest. Check that the branches are strong and durable. You need a stable foundation for the tree house, something that can hold your children’s weight while they are up there.

Draw up a plan.

Make a sketch of how your tree house will look like. You can search the internet for sample layouts, and modify them according to your specific needs and preferences. Decide where you want to place the door, windows, ladder, and so on. You might also want to include some storage space, where your kids can keep some of their toys and books, and a small helicopter pad on the roof, where their nano drones can land and take off (if they don’t have one yet, make sure to get one: http://www.rotorcopters.com/sub-50-multirotor-drone-mini-reviews/).
You can also install a pulley system, a walkie-talkie setup, and other things to enhance the tree house experience.

Consult an expert.

If you are not sure about some things regarding constructing a tree house, it never hurts to seek for experts’ advice. You can talk to a family member or friend who has built one before, or go online and find suggestions on discussion forums.

Gather the necessary tools and materials.

If you think you are ready to start working, list all the materials and equipment that you will need — woods, nails, screws, power saw, glue, etc. Estimate how much everything will cost. To save some money, try to borrow or lease some of the tools instead of buying.