Whether you’re thinking about selling up or you’d just like to do something constructive, you can always look at ways of adding perceived value to your property, and it doesn’t mean you have to build a new conservatory or re-roof the whole place. Here we look at some ways to add real value to your house without breaking the bank (or even visiting the ATM in some cases!)

It goes without saying that your house should be easy on the eye at first sight. A can of paint doesn’t cost very much and should be used to touch up areas where the original coat is fading or has stained.

Flowers and rock gardens shouldn’t be ignored, but likewise shouldn’t be overdone. Place them strategically next to your post box and in the areas of your garden you consider to be the ugliest. Use hanging baskets, too, if necessary but don’t make the front of your house appear too crowded – it will just look chaotic and end up worrying visitors.

Make sure the surface of your driveway is in good condition and consider delineating its edges with bricks – this is a surprisingly cheap way to add character to the drive and stop it from fading into the rest of the garden.

If the first thing a visitor sees is your garage door, then this is just as important as your front door. If you want to consider replacing your garage door, go for one with windows at the top – these designs have been shown to increase the perceived value of properties compared with those without windows in the garage door. If your door is still manually operated, definitely upgrade to an automatic door, otherwise people might think they are about to step into a ruin which hasn’t been cared for since it was built. GarageAutomatics is a great place to find an automatic door opener which will work for you.

Another idea which works is to strategically place outdoor lights around your garden, driveway and porch. These not only help the visitor find their way to your front door but also bring out the character of the garden and façade. Your front door should be simple, immaculately clean and strong-looking. You need a door which has weight, yet slips open with ease and shuts and locks without any real effort. This adds to the sense of security in your house.

Great ways to improve the interior of the house include installing central heating, which won’t cost a fortune but makes your house much more tempting to the buyer.

If you have money available to renovate a room or two, don’t bother with the bedrooms at all – buyers will already have in mind the bedrooms they want and will have their own separate budget for creating them. The same logic applies to the living room. At some point early on, most buyers add their own look to the living room.

The kitchen and bathroom are bigger jobs and the larger and more luxurious yours are, the chance of making a good sales increases exponentially. Whatever work you have done doesn’t need to be expensive and should be in keeping with the price range of your home. A new kitchen and new bathroom will typically add about 8% to the value of a house, but if done well need cost less than 1% of its original value.

For those who have a bit more money to spend, if you have the space, you can add serious value to your home by converting the attic, basement and garage into living spaces and adding a conservatory. Done properly, for every penny you spend, you’ll add two pennies to the value of your house. Certainly worth thinking about.

Lastly, if you happen to live in an area with empty land adjoining your property, try to snap it up. Land is always going to increase in value and, even if you don’t use it, a potential buyer may just envisage their swimming pool or vegetable garden on it. Alternatively, it serves as a potential income stream from nearby farmers who may wish to use it for grazing, or from energy companies who may wish to place structures on it.

Follow these tips and you’ll see the interest in your house double overnight!