If you are reading this article, chances are that you work, manage a tour company or you own one. If this is the case, you need to have your business on Instagram. If you aren’t already on Instagram, then you need to make it a priority.

Yes, you might be on Instagram, but your presence might not be adding value to your business. Follow the tips below to see your engagement soar in no time at all. You can also visit The Small Business Blog to get more tips for a proper Instagram experience.

Upload Great Content All the Time

As a tour company, you have access to a large number of images that you can post, but you don’t need to post them all. What you need is to look at all the pictures and find the ones that are relevant. Once you get the ones that you think you need to post, narrow down to the ones that are of high quality.

Clean, high-quality images make it easy your audience to relate to your stories. Don’t share an image just because you feel like sharing it. As a tour company, you get amazing sights each day. Therefore sourcing images for use shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Make Hashtags Your Buddy

If you are looking for followers that might soon become your customers, you need to master your hashtags. Hashtags are some of the tools you need to grow your brand. Whenever you post an image, you need to add some relevant hashtags and soon you will see your following soar.

Don’t just use hashtags for the fun of it. Common hashtags won’t get you where you want to go, instead, do your research and get the hashtags that are relevant to the niche.

While there are so many hashtags that you can use, make sure you come up with one hashtag specifically meant for your brand. With a hashtag, you get to organize all your images in a single virtual folder. You also make branding easier when you have your own hashtag, making it easy for users to get you easily.

Bring Out Your Team

Social media allows you to bring out the people that usually hide behind the camera. Instagram represents one of the best platforms to do his. As much as you have plenty more images to show to the users, give some space to the team that is making everything possible.

Make Use of Video

While on the trail, make sure you take some video for your Instagram page as well. You can make the videos into a story or use them as ads. You can take videos of your customers, views, staff, the destinations and whatever you can lay your lens on to create engaging content. These videos give your customers an insight into what to expect when they order your services.


A tour company is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can run, and it is also a good place to start your career in the tour industry. However, you need to have the right kind of reach in order to leave an impact. Using Instagram the right way gives you the kind of reach you need.