There are many words used for the different types of juicers out there.  If you are confused that is understandable!

I have seen fast juicers (centrifugal juicers), slow juicers (one or two gears) also known as auger juicers, whole food juicers (more like a blender), grind and press juicers (work like a mill), wheatgrass juicers, manual juicers (slow but sure)

We may as well start with the most basic manual juicers out there; they fall into two categories; manual citrus juicers and manual wheatgrass juicers.

Citrus juicerfree-shipping-manual-stainless-steel-WheatGrass-Juicer-healthy-Manual-fruit-juicer-extractor-hand-wheatgrass-juicer

Does just that so fine if that is all you want, without using any electricity, and just want plenty of citrus fruit juice with lots of vitamin C.

For the citrus juicer

  • They are easy to clean
  • They operate silently
  • No electricity and travel well (really good if you are going somewhere with an abundance of fruit falling from the trees!)
  • Just plain easy to use


  • They take longer so not great for a lot of juice
  • Labour intensive, not great if you do not have great dexterity
  • Pulp and all, so go for electric if you want the pulp separated

Now we can mention electric citrus juicers as well as they can also work well with some other fruits and veggies, plussombrero-juicer-xl

  • Quicker than manual juicer
  • Less effort to make a lot more juice
  • Super easy peasy to use
  • Pulp control, how much pulp do you want?
  • Variety of citrus fruits can be juiced, including grapefruit


  • Take a bit more effort to clean with more moving parts
  • A little bit noisier
  • They are not expensive but a bit more than a manual juicer

Wheatgrass juicers, manual v electric

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot a fight, but we can’t talk about wheatgrass juicers , which is imo the best juicer for greens, without talking a bit about wheatgrass, what is wheatgrass?

Well as it is high in chlorophyll, beta-carotene, Vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K.  In fact  little one ounce of wheatgrass will give you as much nutrients as 2.5 lbs fresh green vegetables, 103 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to be precise, vitamins and minerals your body has never heard of!

The chances are that you have already tried a commercial wheatgrass and if you are ok and find it works for you then you may be thinking of this superfood.  If you are already juicing then you just need to make sure your juicer can cope with squeezing the juice out of this grass.

Manual wheatgrass juicers are;

  • Easy to clean, little wastage
  • May be able to juice other vegetables and fruits
  • You can juice and go, take it with you on your travels
  • No electric, if you don’t mind the manual labor they can be amongst one of the best solutions for grass and leafy greens


  • Slightly limited in what they can do

zstardiagramdjWhereas electric juicers we are now jumping into the realm of masticating juicers which can also assist in your endeavour’s to make pasta, homogenise and grind, make your own nut butters!

Oh, did I just start talking about masticating slow juicers?  Please hold that thought, what can they not do?  I think it is a subject all of it’s own so for now I will just tell you a bit about the fast juicer or the centrifugal juicer.

It seems unfair to skip on the good old fast juicer so here it is;

Centrifugal, fast juicers are;

  • Fast speed heat producing juicers
  • Can juice whole fruits
  • Good value


  • There is a lot of wastage
  • Not so good at juicing your greens
  • Shorter warranty
  • Relatively noisy
  • Heat creates oxidisation so juice needs to be consumed quickly

Juicing fruits is a little bit out of fashion as consumers are becoming more aware of the health issues.  More and more people are becoming at risk of developing diabetes and there is not much point in giving up sweets, cakes and so on just to replace them with sweet fruits rich in fructose.

So as this happens, naturally people are turning more and more to better ways of juicing vegetables for the health benefits and more likely to cut down on juicing fruits, more likely to eat whole fruit for the fibre.

For now, you can see that the centrifugal juicer is a bit less outlay (than a top of the range slow juicer), may be good for people who just want to juice for baking, fruit juices, and are not on a real health kick.

Grind and press juicers are really another realm of juicing, an involved process more suited to commercial juicing so we won’t go into too much detail on that one, just to say that it is out there.