635740934479726347-1905544503_broke.imgopt1000x70Eating on a college budget is hard, most of us have been there for ourselves and understand that it’s no easy task. No matter how you look at it, there’s always going to be a need to eat. You have to eat in order to survive, and it’s the on;y way to go about getting the proper nutrition within your diet. As if that wasn’t reason enough, it also keeps your energy levels in check – feeling sluggish during a long day of classes is going to take down even the strongest of us. You might think you can live off of nothing but potato chips and orange juice right now, but you’ll learn that lesson in the hardest way possible if you do. You always have to keep your fridge stocked, but you need to be conscious about your money. College kids aren’t rich by any means, and if you’re one of those that doesn’t need to worry about a budget, good for you! You’re one of the few that don’t need to struggle throughout the entirety of their post-secondary education, let’s just hope that you worked for all of that money.

college_student_lifeIn this article, we’re going to be covering a few different topics. The main one is going to be affordable foods that you can eat while you’re attending college, because it’s important that you save your money whenever possible. You can use that money and apply it towards plenty of other things, as in things that will improve upon your quality of life. You can use the money you save to buy a brand new computer in order to do your school work, or even just pay off a few of your utility bills. You could also even seriously consider saving up enough to pay a month or two’s worth of rent. Regardless of what you do with the extra money, eating on a budget is going to be in your best interests if you’re in college. You can get through it, I believe in you! Have faith in yourself and you’ll see just how far a dollar can take you. If you aren’t used to saving an abundance of money every single month, you’d better learn quick!

Which Foods You Should Focus On

college-studentsRice – Rice is going to be your savior. Not only is rice a very cheap food to make use of, but it’s easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. You can add just about anything you’d like to rice, but you have to have the right cooker beforehand. In order to get the right cooker, I tend to lean on the Kitchen Dome website for all of my recommendations. They have professional opinions on just about everything and anything rice related, especially cookers – so check it out and see what you can find.

I lived off of rice for a very long time when I was in college, and that’s because it’s the sponge of foods. It will lap up everything you put on the plate or in the bowl alongside it, and the rice will taste exactly like the addition you’ve made. Everybody loves rice, there’s no real reason to dislike it – the only problem that some people have is when it gets over-cooked. I can’t stand over-cooked rice on a personal level, it’s just way too mushy for me.

studentHomeRamen – The good-old fashioned food of college gods, ramen. Ramen is an easy to make noodle dish that’s going to be held accountable for probably 50% of your meals. Ramen can be bought in bulk and comes with flavor packs inside the packaging, and you can use these packs to spice up your ramen meal. A large amount of ramen is relatively cheap, and that’s why so many college students lean towards making it a big part of their diet. If you haven’t had ramen before, try it out for yourself and see if it’s something you enjoy – odds are you’re going to be eating it a lot.

Plenty of people add other things into their ramen bowls as well, like meat or even vegetables. You don’t have that kind of money, so don’t go ahead and get any crazy ideas going; whatever is in the package is what you have to get used to.

Eggs – Eggs are a great source of vitamins and nutrients, and they can be very affordable as well. Just like most other things on this list, you can easily add additional ingredients to eggs and not worry about it – it’s probably going to taste (and look) delicious anyways. I always tried to put some sort of meat in my eggs, and since SPAM (ham that comes in a can) was on sale, I fried some up and added it into the mix. Needless to say, it’s something that I still eat to this day (and I’m not even a broke college kid anymore!).