Your Living is a very popular and elite producer of blinds in both the inside and outside variations. As we have already discussed the indoor blinds in our previous publication, today we shall speak about their outside counterparts. Take note that for an untrained eye both types of blinds may look the same; however, an old dog carpenter will make a solid distinction between them. And so, let’s hear some of their reviews, related particularly to the outside blinds. Read on to find out what the people’s opinions are!

  • I’ve been using the Your Living blinds for almost a year. They were quite unlike the blinds I used before in one respect. The metal always looked clean and polished, as if we had some cleaner employees who were doing nothing but cleaning them and making them shine. We didn’t have to reach for a sponger a single time in all that period! Maybe on closer look, you will find some imperfections, but from the outside they look just prefect. I will highly recommend their products to anyone who is working with design4-consider-comfot
  • Not that I enjoyed the bill, after installing them all over our office hall, but the moment they finished the works I couldn’t believe my eyes. These blinds shines, reflecting different shades of light colors as if they were purposely illuminated by some intricate projectors. While performing miracles from the outside, these blinds didn’t allow any direct sunrays enter inside. After a month of use, we’ve notices a reduction in power consumption due to the fact that air conditioners would now have less work load on them. All in all, provided that they seem very durable and keep your electricity bill lower, it could be a nice long term option for your design.Living-Room-Furniture-Sofas-4
  • I didn’t find anything special with their blinds. Their products looked very similar to these found on sale in other shops, but cost almost one and a half times more expensive. They did assure me that their blinds are using the special materials and therefore provide an excellent durability but I don’t think that blinds have anything to with durability at all. If you are looking for typical blinds for your home or garage, perhaps you’ve come to wrong place!small_living_feng_shui

Last thing I’d like yo say is that 4 Your Living is one of my favorite suppliers when it comes to blinds. The price is ok and deliveries are very fast.