People who work frustrating jobs don’t want to come home and struggle with simple tasks at home. For some it might be a case of sitting with irritating or noisy coworkers, bosses with unrealistic expectations, bad business practices and customers who are right, and then getting in their car, sitting in traffic for hours, getting the bird from all directions until they finally rock up at home. Then it starts again – the garage door won’t open. You struggle getting the key in the door and when you finally get it open, you see that you have left the lights on since the morning and you forgot to turn the TV off in your rush this morning. The kitchen smells like garbage – you didn’t take out the trash this week and – was that a rat? Or just a large cockroach?

The thing to think about is that, if you get your home right, you go a long way to getting the rest of your life right. We spend so much time at home that we’re bound to get wound up and frustrated when things don’t work the way we want them to. Thankfully, there’s always something you can do about it.

The main thing that annoys most homeowners is lack of storage space. These people think they can go on living their lives collecting junk and stuff to put in their houses and for it all somehow to magically have its own place. Others are just not very good at organizing the space they have available – perhaps they were forced to downsize their home after they got fired from their last job for their miserable attitude, or their partner kicked them out for the same reason.

If you can walk about your house without stubbing your toes on some junk that’s been lying around for years, you might be a problem hoarder. In which case, you might need counselling in order to do the necessary getting rid of all the pointless stuff you’ve collected over the years. Try to think of a test question to determine whether you keep it and find a space to keep it in, or whether it gets thrown out. Something along the lines of “have I used this thing within the last year?” – if you answer no, get rid of it. This is a great way to keep your life more streamlined and to rid your house of clutter.

If you’re continually forgetting to do things, use technology to do them for you. For example, if you let organic waste rot in your trash can, you shouldn’t be surprised to find vermin trying to get at it. You can use a garbage disposal unit instead of just throwing it in the trash. It’s a one off purchase so don’t be tempted by poor quality offers – choose one that’s up there with the rest.

You might find mowing the lawn and vacuuming the floor to eat away too much at your free time. You might resent pushing a mower back and forth in full view of the neighbors, when you’d rather be locked up in your room playing computer games with the curtains closed. Well, surprise surprise – you can get a couple of robots to do those chores for you. A robotic lawnmower can be programed to mow your lawn at regular intervals. It only needs to be shown around your garden once, then you can forget about it. It charges itself and operates according to the instructions you gave it. Your robotic vacuuming machine works in the same way. Just show it how to get around your expensive giant vase and any other hazards and leave it alone to get on with its job.

Another common frustration that people have about their homes is that it’s not somewhere else. You might drive past a really warm looking mansion on your way back from work and wish you lived there – it’s bigger, swankier, closer to work and would fetch ten times what you would get for your current place. But remember, even the Queen of England has to escape Buckingham Palace sometimes and run up to her estate at Balmoral to get away from the big city bustle.