If you were a massage therapist 30 years ago, you would be amazed at how this career has changed over the years. Massage therapists are no longer tied to one location and in fact being a mobile massage therapist is quite popular.

Massage therapists have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings with a variety of clients and their choices are fairly unlimited. If you are considering giving massages out on the road though, you may be wondering where you actually perform the massage. You really have 2 choices. You can use either a massage chair or a massage table.

Massage Table

When giving a table massage the client lies on the table and the sessions normally last a minimum of 30 minutes. The client can be clothed or unclothed.

You will need sufficient space for the client to undress and dress, plus you will need a large enough space not only for the table but also for you to move around it. As these are normally relaxing massages, they normally take place in a quiet, private, area.

Portable Massage Chair

Massages on a massage chair are known as seated massages. The client is clothed and the massage is normally around 15 minutes though they can be longer, or shorter.

You will not need as much space for the chair, or for you to move around it. The client does not need to undress so you won’t need a private area. The client does not require a private area in fact many places have more than one massage chair in the same area.

Depending where you are going to do the majority of your work, a portable massage chair may well be your best choice. There are quite a few organisations who want to give their employees the opportunity to have a massage during their working day. And they are very popular in large shopping centres. If you are looking for a portable massage chair take a look at Shiatsu Chairs as they review the best massage chairs on the market.

Features of Portable Massage Chairs

If you are going to give massages in offices or shopping centres, then the massage chair is certainly the best option for you. But what are the features of portable massage chairs that you need to be aware of?

  • Your clients need to be comfortable in your massage chair and good padding will help. Memory foam is the best type of padding.
  • Arm rests. Most portable massage chairs have armrests in front of the face cradle. However, some don’t so check that the model you are interested in does have them before you buy.
  • Leg rests. As you clients will be in a kneeling position during their massage, it is important that the chair has well-padded leg rests.
  • Face cradle. The chair needs to have a padded face cradle that is comfortable for your clients.
  • The chair needs to be light enough for you to carry it with ease, but heavy enough to be stable and long lasting. The best portable massage chairs are generally under 20 pounds but make sure that you check the weight.
  • Assuming you are going to be travelling by car, ensure that this will easily fit into your car. You do not want to have to fight to fit it into your car. It should also be able to easily fit in the places you will be offering massages, including going through doors.
  • As people come in all shapes and sizes, you will need to be able to adjust the chair to suit each individual.
  • Portable massage chairs are designed to be moved around but some are easier to carry around than others. Ensure it comes with a good case to help you move it more easily. This is essential. Also check how easy it is to actually fold away.

Massage chairs have many advantages over massage tables. They are portable, they take up less space, and massages take less time, and are more convenient for the client. It is up to you to decide which is the better option for your business. If you are looking for a chair, keep these points in mind to help you find the right one.