93A3A383As the design industry never sleeps and dictates its own rules of what is right and wrong about our interiors, we are going to help the readers by sharing some fresh designer’s ideas. Today the monotone colors are becoming more and more popular, so the first thing you’d need to consider is to make sure your furniture items and design elements are of the same color.

Another element that you could utilize for modern design is the combination of lacquered wood and metal. These metallic and brown colors make a perfect combination and do not cost too much. Despite that wood has been one of the most classic elements for thousands of years, you could always find such a way to make it look new and original.

designer-shoes-11Other quality of wood is that it naturally disposes for comfort, making you feel home even when you are far away. The wood is also the most appropriate for country homes design, because it can connect you with nature and relieve you from worries, and this is exactly what you need when you visit your country house.

The interior that on the large part consist of metal shows completely different qualities. Typically the metal is cooler and is also stricter. Such interior could be best used for the office meet-ups and conferencing where a higher concentration is required. Although metal is not new, it is the use of metal that helps you achieve the futuristic design when it’s needed.

designer-shoes-12If we were to compare the two materials, we would first of all underline the price factor. Today wood is the cheapest possible material while metal is the most expensive. If you disagree, just visit a local furniture store and see how much a wooden table costs and how much a metal table costs, provided that they are made from solid materials and not just thin cover layers or sheets.

Then finally we get to the plastic, which is the material that could be fairly placed in between. All in all, it is quite neutral and could be used for multiple purposes. Price-wise it is also somewhere in the middle, between the cheap wood and expensive metal. When I need to design an interior which doesn’t have any particular specifications other than by looking hand in hand with time, I always choose plastic.