Our family looks highly upon education and continuing education after high school. Together my husband and I are raising two teenagers and two toddlers, which makes it very challenging when things need to be done around the house, errands need to be ran, and each child has a different sports’ practice that they need to be at by this exact time.

We moved from a small car, to an SUV, and then to a minivan with third row seating and extra storage compartments in the floor and behind each seat. Our little, big family needed more room a few years back, so we decided to relocate. This was about the time that our oldest son was starting high school. Being our oldest, it was the toughest on him to transition to a new school, but he definitely made us proud by continuing to make straight A’s even during the transition.

Our oldest son did so well in school that when it was time for his senior year, he had already accumulated the amount of credits needed to graduate. They allowed him to take the second part of the school year off, as after the first part he would be able to graduate. This was an amazing feeling as a parent to know that my son was such an outstanding student. He has his whole future ahead of him.

Setting Up the Graduation Party

Instead of waiting until May, when he would be allowed to walk across the graduating stage with the remainder of his class whom had to finish out the second half of the school year, we decided to celebrate when he no longer had to return. I jumped to put into motion his graduation party, making sure that it didn’t coincide with any other events that the family was planning.

This fell right around Christmas time, but instead of being extremely cold and snowing, it was sunny and fairly chilly. We had celebrated many times outdoors during the colder months with bon fires and other sources of heat, but this time we wanted something that we weren’t going to have to constantly keep rekindling. We searched for the perfect replacement heater for our son’s graduation party. He loved the outdoors and it was easier to house more people in the backyard than in the house.

Once we had everything purchased and the date planned. We waited in anticipation because our son did not know he was going to have any type of graduation party and certainly not so soon. When the day came, we were sure to get him out of the house so that the set up process could begin. Everything went according to plan, even though there were a few mishaps here and there. He was extremely excited and impressed that we had planned it all without him knowing.

During the Party

The party turned out better than me or my husband could have ever expected it to. We made sure to thank each person that came out, even though half of them we didn’t know. We were given several compliments on our heating choice, many claimed that it was the best propane patio heater because of the amount of heat that it put out even though the area of output was smaller than expected. The food was another thing that was given compliments, as we had enough to feed everyone at least three times.

The party was a huge success and my son enjoyed everything that he was given as a graduation present, including his new car, which wasn’t exactly new, but new to him! He will be taking it to college in the fall of the upcoming year and he will be needing transportation to be able to make it home for his siblings’ special events. He could even carpool and save money with a few other kids in town that were discussing attending the same college.

With everything going on, at the end of the night, he loved knowing that his parents were there for him and would stand behind him as long as his choices in life were pure and of good nature. We try to show all of our children the same amount of love so that they will know how to love in return.