Peter Mould started the Peter Mould Workshop (PMW) in 2000, and he has held the director’s position since inception of the company.  Initially, the company was supposed to offer specialized services to BMW and Mercedes-Benz car owners.  The company has grown over the years, and it is currently operating in a bigger workshop located in Duke’s Park Industrial Estate.  PMW has invested in modern equipment such as the seven service lifts and a MOT ATL which is the testing bay for the firm.  PMW has also acquired a diagnostic machine that manufacturers of BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles recommend.  They have also bought diagnostic machines that detect all problems in the leading car brands to ensure that clients receive high-quality services from the garage.

Apart from the diagnostic equipment, PMW has the latest Hunter DSPS600 system that is efficient for wheel alignment operations.  This system is not for BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles only it can be used on all the world’s leading brands.  At the facility, experts servicing your car possess the right training.  The staff attends regular training to update their skill to match changes in vehicle technology. Technicians train at the reputable Bosch training center which over the years has produced the best experts in the vehicles industry.

PMW mission is to ensure that customers receive exemplary services in both diagnostic and maintenance. If you visit our BMW garage in Chelmsford, your valued car receives proper servicing and maintenance. The workshop does not compromise on quality, and you always have a reason to bring your treasured car again and refer a friend.  Below are the services that PMW offers;

Servicing and Maintenance

For reliability and safety, your vehicle needs servicing on a regular basis.  The company has a computerized system that analyses the miles covered by the vehicle to determine when servicing is necessary.  If it is the best time to service the vehicle the technicians at the workshop advise you on the best way, and your car performs well and even becomes safer and reliable when you are on the roads.  If the expert notes another problem when servicing your vehicle, they inform you, and together you can agree to conduct the repair at an approved additional cost. PMW relates well with customers, and they can only do what you have authorized.

For transparency purposes, the company gives you an invoice listing each operation conducted on your car.  Diagnostic procedures are carried out to ensure that each service is vital and the staff delivers services with a lot of honesty.

Brake Checks

At PMW a rigorous assessment is conducted to ascertain the magnitude of wear and tear on the brake pads and discs and ensure that they are adjusted to meet the manufacturer standards.  The services offered at the workshop enhance the efficiency of your braking system to keep you safe on the road.   Your car’s braking system gets back to the specification of the manufacturer.

Maintenance of the Air Conditioning System

If air the conditioning system is serviced regularly, it will remain functional, and it will never fail you when you need it most.  Inspection and maintenance are crucial for the system because it is prone to losing charge after a given period.  Below are signs that your car air conditioner is faulty;

    • Foul odor emanating from heater vents- this is managed using a spray that gets rid of all bacteria
    • A/C system fails to create a cold atmosphere inside the car despite being functional
    • The A/C system fails to operate
    • The A/C system heats the car sporadically

PMW services the air conditioning system at a very affordable cost that can be as small as 29.99 Sterling Pounds and the cost is inclusive of value added tax.

Management and diagnosis of the Engine

PMW has a state of the art diagnostic system that carefully examines your vehicle’s engine and note all the technical faults that are present.  Autologic has supplied PMW with a system that BMW and Mercedes Benz manufacturer recommends for the vehicles. You are therefore assured of high quality services if your car is a BMW or a Mercedes Benz.  To give excellent engine diagnosis to other cars PMW has Bosch KTS 570 which is ideal for top brands of vehicles.  The firm has been offering professional services for a period that exceeds 60 years making them experienced in all the engine faults that leading vehicle brands can have.  This company is therefore ideal for all your vehicle servicing and maintenance needs.