Inkjet Inks and Printers

Are you dissatisfied by the obsolete inks and printers? Well, have you already tried the inkjet printing technology? If you still haven’t, then you should consider getting inkjet printers for your business. Such machines offer you more advantages than other obsolete ones. Furthermore, there are different classes of inks for these printers.

Inkjet Printing: Non-Contact Efficiency

Inkjet printers do their work simply by firing droplets of ink through a nozzle onto the material’s surface. Furthermore, the desired images and texts are almost instantly produced by the printer. Aside from the fast reproduction speed, these tools offer high-quality printing. Moreover, the replacement of industrial inks is much easier thanks to the new simple-to-replace ink cartridges.

Nowadays, these are the most commonly used types of printers. However, just because they are common does not mean they are low-quality, consumer-grade tools. The reality is that inkjet printing is also widely used in various industries. Overall, these are one of the more promising types of printers available in the market.

Lower Capital Cost

Inkjet printers are one of the cheapest products available in the printing market. Back then, the output quality of these machines could only match its low price. Now, the technology has drastically improved so that one can get industry-grade printing quality at a minimal price range. If you want the best printing for your business at a low price, then go for the industrial printers.

No Delays and Waiting Times

Unlike its laser counterpart, the inkjet has no waiting time for heating up. Furthermore, the overall printing process is much quicker. If your company could use increased productivity, then these printers may get the job done for you.

Portability and Space

The industrial inkjets have a smaller average size than laser printers. As such, these require only a smaller amount of space in your offices. Also, you can bring the printers anywhere you need because it is lightweight. Thanks to these characteristics, using these machines are much more convenient for you.


Nowadays, one may instantly create neat-looking documents and images through industrial printers. Furthermore, these printers come with various effects, which allow you to customize and personalize images. If you use these, then you can capitalize on your creativity and freedom.

Purchasing Inks

Inkjet inks should be just as common as inkjets. And so, you should be able to find them near your location. If you wish to purchase inks online, then feel free to check out Inkjet Inks – Needham Inks. You can decide on the type of ink you’ll buy after reading about their applications below.

Types of Inkjet Inks

The inkjets for industrial purposes commonly use three types, namely solvent, UV-curable, and dye sublimation inks. Each of these ink types has its characteristic and applications.

Solvent Inks

The solvent inks mainly use volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, as its ingredient. These inks are pigment-based rather than dye-based, so they have better resistance to fading. Furthermore, these are quite cheap and are suitable for uncoated vinyl material, so these are popular for production of banners, billboards, decals, and designs. Also, these are both waterproof and UV-resistant. Lastly, the disadvantages of using solvent inks are the vapor produced and the solvent’s disposal.

UV-Curable Inks

The UV-curable inks compose of acrylic monomers and an initiator package, in which the exposure to strong UV-light cures the ink. After the overall process, the ink produces an image which has 100% coloration volume. Also, the process occurs quickly, which leads to instant drying. The advantage is that the printing quickly produces high-quality images. The disadvantages of the ink are that the setup is expensive, because of the curing modules needed in the printer and the cured ink has a high volume. Such high volume makes the ink prone to cracking if used on a flexible surface material, so you would want to use them for rigid material such as aluminum, plastic, or wood.

Dye Sublimation Inks

Dye sublimation inks have sublimation dyes that allow for direct or indirect printing onto polyester fabrics. Heating makes the dye sublimated into the polyester fibers. And then, the dye produces a durable, vivid image. If you want to design sports shirts or shorts, then you can use dye sublimation.


Inkjet printing has various advantages over other technologies. Also, each type of inkjet inks has its functions and applications, so decide on what you’ll be needing. Overall, you can give your business a boost with industrial inkjet printing.