Wedding vows are important. But, long gone are the days when you had to recite boring, out-of-touch vows read to you by your pastor. Even then, writing your own vows comes with its fair share of challenges. These tips will come in handy if you’re planning to personalize your wedding vows.

Check With Your Church

In as much as you want to write your vows, it is essential to confirm if your house of worship accepts the practice. While many churches embrace the idea of personalized wedding vows, some don’t. Also remember that even though your place of worship may allow you to personalize your vows, your pastor may want to review them a couple of days (or hours) to the ceremony.

Take Your Time

Don’t write your wedding vows in a hurry. As stated, your vows are important and just like any other aspect of your wedding, they need planning. The last thing that you want on your big day is vows that don’t resonate with what your plans.

Consider penning down your vows a few weeks before the wedding date. Write the first draft at least a month before the actual date. Ensure that your vows are ready and have the approval of your pastor a day or two to the wedding.

Involve Your Partner

Don’t write the vows alone. Consult with you partner about the things that you want included in the vows. Remember personalized vows are somewhat a reflection of what you aim to achieve together, years after marriage. The vows, at the very least should complement each other. Aim to make your vows the centerpiece of your wedding.

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Go Through Your Vows

While you may choose to write the vows separately, make sure that you review them together. The idea here is to avoid surprises during the ceremony. You don’t want to get ridiculous responses from your partner, do you? And if you want to make it a surprise, consider allowing someone, such as a close relative to review them in private. Remember that bad surprises can be embarrassing.

Set the Correct Tone

Whether you will write your vows together or separately, you need to agree on the tone. Should they reflect traditional value or you’d rather go with some humor or poetry? Discussing the tone is critical to ensure that you’re using the same parameters as your partner when crafting your vows.

Keep in mind, however, that the primary reason you’re writing the vows is to make them different. So, be sure to take a lighthearted approach without interfering with the solemnity and gravity of the occasion.

The Bottom Line

Personalized wedding vows will make your big day memorable. Ensure that you don’t become too predictable with your vows.  Let the phrases reflect a happy couple that’s ready to take it all the way, in sickness and in health.