Toaster Oven

Oven, and a Toaster Oven- both have the word “oven” on them, and they are both used to cook food. You might ask, “If I have already bought a toaster oven, then what do I need an oven for? What the heck is the difference between an oven and a toaster oven??”

Calm down, and take a deep breath! I will answer this perplexing question that has been asked a thousand times in a manner that is very easy to understand. Are you ready? Then let’s begin:

A Short Definition Of An Oven and A Toaster Oven

maximatic-toasterFirst, how about a little definition of these two ovens?

A conventional oven uses either gas or electricity to cook a wide variety of food or bake delicious cakes and desserts. Air inside the oven is heated to a pre-set temperature that cooks the food inside it gradually. It is not unusual to see a conventional oven fitted with flame burners on top or built in kitchens and cabinets. Ovens are large appliances made to cook large food or regular ones in large batches.

A Toaster oven works the same way as an oven would- through hot air moving about, cooking food from the outside. I would go so far as to say that toaster ovens are miniature versions of conventional ones, and are labeled as pint-sized and portable ovens. These nifty appliances can go from broil to bake, but cannot do other tasks such as boiling.

The Many Differences Between An Oven and A Toaster Oven

Plus-Minus-Zero-Reflect-Heater-1Now that I’ve presented the definitions, it is time to separate what these two appliances can do. You might even have already formed an opinion or an idea based on the size, right? It even might seem as the only difference is in terms of size, but the functions and benefits of an oven and a toaster oven is significantly different. A smaller oven like the toaster is great for cooking food quickly due to its smaller size, but can only do it in small batches at a time. It also heats up quite fast as compared to the traditional oven, but the temperature is such that it could not be regulated or controlled as well as a conventional oven could.

Conventional ovens take a bit more time to prepare, but once they do, I find them quite capable of evenly cooking a large amount of food! They also need more time to bake your cookies, but it comes out golden brown and smelling quite nice in the end. Conventional ovens are not recommended in reheating leftover foods, as the toaster oven can do that in a much quicker and less troublesome manner. You will also find that toaster ovens are much easier to clean than their larger brethren!

WestinghouseSo to summarize what makes these two oven types different from each other is the kind of food that you intend to prepare. Use a conventional oven to cook large servings of food in a family reunion, or in baking large batches of home-made cookies or delicious cakes. Use a toaster oven to prepare small batches of food for a small family dinner, to heat that pizza or to bake small cupcakes for an afternoon snack.

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