That tasty rice meal that you desire is now just a button away with the NS-LAC05XT. This Zojirushi household appliance is a sizeable, user friendly device that delivers to you a perfect plate of rice every time.


The NS-LAC05XT has a wide range of features that enable it to be the top performer it is. Some of the major features include:

l A removable cooking pan and lid. The circular, removable and nonstick cooking pan makes it easy to cook rice as it distributes heat evenly and prevents the rice from sticking to the surface. In addition to this, the removable features make it easy to clean the rice cooker and its components.

l MICOM technology (microcomputer technology). This technology enables the rice cooker to have a brain of its own. It enables the device to conveniently adjust the temperature settings as well as the cooking time to suite the type of rice dish you are cooking. This enables the user to cook a wide range of rice meals and other cereal meals.

l Compact design. The NS-LAC05XT rice cooker measures 7.5’’ x 11.8’’ x 9.1’’. These are relatively small dimensions that enable the cooker to occupy a relatively small space in the kitchen.

l LCD control panel. The LCD lighting makes it easy to read the panel, which also houses the clock settings and the menu settings.


There are numerous advantages users of this rice cooker enjoy. Some of these may include:

l The removable cooking pan within the rice cooker makes it easy and convenient to clean the appliance.

l With the NS-LAC05XT, you can rest easy as you can set a musical alert to go off once the cooking is done.

l No more wires. The rice cooker has a retractable power cord. This is also quite handy when you want to store away the cooker.

l This Zojirushi rice cooker is easily portable thanks to the built-in handle that offers support when carrying it from place to place.

l The cooker is user friendly with the easy control panel.

l It has a compact design thus requires little space on your counter top.

l This rice cooker is versatile enabling you to cook a wide range of rice meals such as sushi amongst others. It can also be used to cook other types of grains such as oatmeal.


Although you stand to gain a lot from using this rice cooker, there are some minor demerits you will face including:

l The size of the cooker is generally small. This makes it unsuitable for use in a large family setting.

l The rice cooker does not necessarily prepare the stated amount of cooked rice.


There are many rice cookers in the market with amazing features. However, the NS-LAC05XT remains to be a favorite for many households especially for small families and singles. This Zojirushi rice cooker has a lot to offer its users from convenience to efficiency. Thanks to the advanced technology used to design it, you are assured a fluffy and delicious rice meal. Moreover, the device has an easy to clean interior with an easy to wipe exterior making after clean up a walk in the park. This affordable rice cooker is the way to go if you desire that perfect rice meal.