Instagram shadowban doesn’t just happen for any reason at all – there must be something that you did, and you triggered the algorithm to blacklist your account.

You aren’t alone in this quagmire – many users find that they can’t perform the different tasks once the ban sets in. Today we look at the causes of an Instagram shadowban, and how you can get over it the right way.

What is a Shadowban?

A shadowban is a situation where Instagram renders the account invisible, and you cannot get to new users. Your images won’t appear in newsfeeds even if you use the hashtags; this affects your engagement to a huge level.

The shadowban is a huge barrier to accounts that are still taking their first steps because it becomes harder to grow the account the right way. So, why was your account shadowbanned?

Wrong Use of Automation Services

Automation tools are there to help you boost your engagement on Instagram. They aren’t there to be abused. When you use the bots the wrong way, you risk getting your account shadowbanned faster than you will get a few followers to like your page.

Another thing that most users and brands don’t know is that the wrong automation tool puts you at high risk. Most users compromise on the quality of the tool only to find that they get a problem later on. This is why you need to talk to experts so that you get an idea regarding the kind of tools to use for your automation. Fred Harrington gives you details on Instagram tools followers so that you get an idea of what to choose and which one is ideal for you.

Additionally, don’t get excited about the tool. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you need to tread carefully if you plan to see the light of day with your account.

You are Abusing the Limits

This comes as a shock to many, but there are limits as to how many actions you can implement each day on Instagram. This includes the number of likes you get, the photos you can upload as well as the comments you leave on posts. Don’t forget the number of people you follow and unfollow is also limited.

All the limits depend on the age of the account, which dictates what actions you can take per hour.

You Are Using an Abused Hashtag

With tens of millions of users on Instagram, it is a challenge trying to control what each person shares and how they deliver their content. At times a simple hashtag can be used so much that it becomes inappropriate. Some of the uses include nudity, racial slurs, and spam. When Instagram notices this, the hashtag is either removed or its usage limited.

If you use the hashtag in your photo without prior research, then all the hashtags that you have used become broken, and you won’t be able to rank any of them.

You Are Reported on Daily Basis

One of the quickest ways to get the attention of Instagram and then warn them of issues with your account is reporting your account. When this happens, Instagram takes a look at your account, and if it discovers that the reports are true, then you stand to have your account disabled. Or you may be shadowbanned.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shadowbans and issues with your account, you are looking at an account that is invisible to users, and that cannot deliver the goals of social media marketing. Take time to understand what led to the ban and find a way to rectify the situation.