There are many uses for your blender, there are temptations to use it in the wrong way so read this to ensure you know what you can do and what you should NOT do with your blender, for more information on blenders follow this link.

What not do with your blender?

  • 41j4AlL0VpL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_No mashed potatoes! Mashed potatoes are the stickiest gloopiest product ever, and will gunk up the blades for sure. You may have it there forever so a definite no no.
  • Do not try to whip egg whites or cream, blenders do not do your whipping
  • Do not try to extract juice from fruit and vegetables (use a juicer for that job)
  • Do not try to grind raw meat, most of it will end up wrapped around the blades (use a hand grinder for raw meat)
  • Do not try kneading dough (use a food processor or bread machine)
  • Never try to blend hard (raw) vegetables (cooked carrots are ok)

Best uses for a blender

  • kitchenaid-5-speed-metallic-blenderPureeing soft foods
  • Pureeing cooked foods
  • Taking the lumps out of gravy
  • Blending eggs for scrambled omelets
  • Making egg nogg
  • Blending cream pie fillings
  • Blending custards
  • Blending protein shakes
  • Blending frozen juices
  • Blending pancakes or waffles
  • Blending smoothies
  • Blending ice cream shakes
  • Blending instant puddings
  • Chopping nuts
  • Making salad dressings including mayonnaise
  • Making dips and salsas
  • Making bread crumbs
  • Blending baby food
  • Crushing ice and blending frozen drinks (check this with your manual and only if it says yes you can crush ice etc.)

Although it is perfectly acceptable to blend foods with strong odors you may end up with a lingering smell. It can be very off putting when you want to make a fruit smoothie and it smells a bit milky!  Or even worse a bad smell may be caused by bacteria lurking within.

So how exactly do you get rid of a lurking bad smell?

l_08616504Prevention is always better than cure; however, with plastic blender bottles it is not always easy.  Plastic is much more absorbent than glass, but it is also a lot more practical.

There are still some preventive tips you can make as part of your blending routine which will help prevent pong!

Whenever you make a blended protein drink or banana smoothie you may be tempted to throw the powder or fruit in and then the liquid, this will lead to more residue on the blades.  Put the liquid in first and then add the thicker ingredients, this will prevent the more odorous ingredients from sticking to the blades.

Never leave liquids in for any length of time, if you have some liquid over make sure it is bottled and placed in the fridge.

Don’t leave your jug in soak, this will just make it smell worse; clean it as soon as possible.

OK so it smells, a few tips for this problem

Standalone_1175X1290 (1)A mixture of baking powder and cleaning vinegar or white vinegar will work well, mix the two together and fill the jug and leave it overnight without the lid

Or you can try

Newspaper if you prefer a fragrant vanilla, scrunch up some old newspaper (slightly damp) sprinkle with vanilla extract (food vanilla and not oil!), place it inside the jug and leave for at least 24 hours


Coffee, throw some dampened coffee grounds into the pot, put the lid on and leave it overnight, coffee will overpower a lingering smell and make it nice and fresh

A few more unusual things you can do with your blender

  1. Standalone_1175X1290Flour and oat mill
  • You can roll your own flour from wheat berries
  • You can also roll oats for flour
  1. Nut milk

Soaking some almonds overnight in water and then blending well, straining is the final step to making almond milk

  • Try other nuts as well
  • You can even try soya beans
  1. Instant compost
  • If you have a need for compost and want to save space in the bin, this is a great idea, just blend all soft leftover food and use it right away on your organic garden
  1. Body scrub
  • If you are already using body scrubs that smell good enough to eat you may as well make your own using sea salt, olive oil or coconut oil and a little citrus juice
  1. Powdered sugar
  • Blending granulated sugar will turn it into powdered sugar for cake icing and sweets
  1. Nut butters
  • Are great but only do this if you have a heavy duty blender, try pistachios, sunflower seeds, cashews, honey for flavoring, even chocolate can add a twist
  1. Skin creams
  • Beeswax, essential oils, vitamin E, almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil will make for a luxury skin lotion (be sure to clean very carefully for food use as essential oils should not be ingested, not even the tiniest amount!)

I know I did say that you cannot whip cream with our blender; however, if you have a really good heavy duty blender you can actually make your own butter!

Now you know how versatile a blender can be, what you can do with it and what you can’t do with it, what are waiting for?